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MpH-vesakkoleikkurilla ja  järeällä 7.0-lanalla tehoa urakointiin - lue koko juttu Urakointiuutisista!


Metallipalvelu Hartikainen tuo oja-aurat tälle vuosikymmenelle urakointiuutisissa


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MpH-lumilinko urakointiuutisissa.

8.7.2013 MpH-tasauslana urakointiuutisissa.

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Metallipalvelu Hartikainen Oy on Suomen Tilaajavastuun mukainen Luotettava Kumppani.



The trailed grader is intended for grading peat production fields, agricultural fields, roads and other areas. The framework is designed, tested and built tough for long time use. The grader is made in Finland and manufactured using only high quality materials.  MpH -trailed graderMpH -trailed graderBecause of the hydraulic controls, the grader can be used in many different works areas. These features make the grader a cost-effective investment.

The two-piece wings can be adjusted hydraulically to the required position. The wings width can be a maximum of 4,5 meters and the wing hydraulics are equipped with a safety valve in case of an incident of incidents involving hitting an obstacle while grading. With extra wings the working width can be increased to 5.3 meters.

Hydraulic lateral tilting which is implemented for on the rear axle enable road and field profile designing. The required tilt angle will maintain stay fixed during the lifting and lowering.  The grader is lifted quickly to the transport position. The graders functions require three 2-action valve outputs from the tractor plus a one free return connector.

Additional equipment that is available includes the double-tilt laser which expresses amplifies the rate. The double-tilt laser enables road and field specific designing.

 Additional equipment:
•       extra wings
•       double-tilt laser
•       three-point linkage
•       pin blade chassis
•       firefighting equipment
•       extra-long cylinders for wings

 MpH -trailed grader resell abroad:

•      TAURE AS, Tartu and Türi (Estonia)

Click here to see the video1 and video2 of the Mph -trailed grader in use!